SUMMARY - (Partial) - Unpack Solaris packages on other UNIXes

From: Alex Dyas <>
Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 10:56:08 EST

Partial summary - a number of people replied to tell me that a Sun 
package is actually a cpio archive.  However a simple "cpio -i" doesn't 
unpack all the files.  After further poking around in package files and 
using a hex editor I have come to the conclusion that it is actually two 
cpio archives stuck together, topped with a few lines of header.

I will knock together a small Perl script to deal with all this and post 
it to the list when finished.

Thanks again to all those who replied.


 > Does anyone know how I would go about unpacking a Solaris .pkg package
 > on an other UNIX?  Specifically I'm interested in FreeBSD, but I
 > suppose the method would probably be valid for other UNIX like
 > operating systems.  I am not interested in installing the package,
 > just unpacking it to allow me access to the files therein.
 > I suppose I'm looking for the equivalent of 'pkgadd -s' for a
 > non-Solaris UNIX OS.
 > From what I can gather Solaris packages are in SVR4 Datastream
 > format, but I can't find anything that can handle this format.

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