SUMMARY: unable to rsh: permission denied

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 05:53:37 EST
thanks to all people who reply, especially crist clark who point me to 
the solution

crist clark said:
"Second, are you sure "nemo" is the right name? You need to use the
_first_ name that comes back when the system tries to do reverse
resolution on it. What does,

    $ perl -MSocket -e '(undef, undef, undef, undef, @addrs) = 
gethostbyname("nemo"); print scalar(gethostbyaddr($addrs[0], AF_INET));'

and i got instead of nemo
so i look at /etc/hosts, and found nemo after
so i correct it, and now it works
And for the nis trouble, i just added nis master in /etc/hosts and it's 
ok now
Don't understand what it happened with /etc/hosts, before reboot 
everything went fine...

Girard Henry wrote:

> hello all,
> on a v40z, solaris 10 GA, after installing somme patches, i got some
> troubles, and i can't use rsh, but i used it before patches:
> nemo-henry% rsh nemo ls
> permission denied
> nemo-henry% cat .rhosts
> nemo
> nemo-henry% cat /etc/hosts.equiv
> nemo
> nemo-root% svcs -l svc:/network/shell:default
> fmri         svc:/network/shell:default
> name         rsh
> enabled      true
> state        online
> next_state   none
> state_time   Thu Nov 03 08:29:45 2005
> restarter    svc:/network/inetd:default
> contract_id
> dependency   require_any/error svc:/network/loopback (online)
> dependency   optional_all/error svc:/milestone/network (online)
> and there is also problem with nis:
> nemo-root% ypwhich
> inet_ntop: Address family not supported by protocol family
> but all nis users continue to login without trouble.
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