SUMMARY: Solaris 9 RAM and SWAP usage

From: Smoko Mr Charles <>
Date: Wed Nov 02 2005 - 08:52:32 EST
Solaris makes no distinction between swap and RAM when
allocating address space for a process. The memory
management unit will take care of swap space when the time
comes for paging or swapping.  As for addressing one part of
my original question.  Top's SWAP space should be relabeled
as total virtual memory.

Sorry for the late summary.  But anyhow, giving thanks to
those who helped me on this question and no thanks to the
individual who attempted to chastise me for asking by saying
it was covered in the FAQ (when in fact it I saw only brief

For more information see:

Original question:
> We have a Sun V1280 w/ 12 CPU's and 24G or RAM.  It has
> Solaris 9 release 9/04 (s9s_u7wos_09 SPARC).  I was looking
> at the system via the top utility and I was wondering about
> a RAM usage.  I don't think it's using RAM very wisely and
> I wanted to get some opinions by some of the folks on this
> list. The system is running Oracle and the HR application
> Peoplesoft.  It has several instances of both of them.  The
> top command's output is listed below.
> The big question that I have is: Why would it be using 13G
> of SWAP, when it has about 8.5 G of RAM free?  Any
> thoughts?  Any references on docs that will explain memory
> management on Solaris better?  Or even a better utility
> than top.
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