SUMMARY: metadevice problems

From: Chris Purcell <>
Date: Mon Oct 24 2005 - 10:41:13 EDT
These are the steps taken to resolve the problem:

1) booted into single user mode

2) unmounted all filesystems that were on the external storage array

3) ufsdumped each filesystem to a remote NFS mount

4) metacleared all filesystems that were on the external storage array

metaclear -f d2
metaclear -f d1
metaclear d0
metaclear d10

5) recreated the d0 RAID5 metadevice

metainit d0 -r c1t0d0s3 c1t0d1s3 c1t0d2s3 c1t0d3s3 c1t0d4s3 c1t1d0s3
c1t1d1s3 c1t1d2s3 c1t1d3s3 c1t3d3s3 -k -i 32b

6) recreated the d10 metadevice mirror

metainit d10 -m d50 d51 1
metainit d50 1 1 c1t4d0s0
metainit d51 1 1 c1t4d4s0
newfs /dev/md/rdsk/d51
metattach d10 d51

7) shutdown the server and replaced the two bad disks

Tray 3 - Drive 4,2
Tray 3 - Drive 5,0

8) powered server back up

9) since the d1 and d2 RAID5 metadevices each contained a defective disk
that was replaced, they both had to be recreated from scratch and have the
data restored from backups

metainit d1 -r c1t5d0s3 c1t5d1s3 c1t5d3s3 c1t5d4s3
metainit d2 -r c1t3d1s3 c1t4d1s3 c1t4d2s3 c1t4d3s3

10) restore /install1 and /install2 from backups

Thanks for everyones help on this (Ian, Dwight, and others).  I thought
about taking Ian's advice on renaming all /dev/dsk/c1* entries to c2*, but
decided that I'll do things the *safe* way instead and just recreate and


> I have a Solaris 6 server where the disks used in each metadevice does not
> correspond to the real disk numbers.   For example, most of the disks that
> are part of metadevices start with c2tXdXsX, while the actual disk names
> in the system are c1tXdXsX.    I believe this was caused by a hardware
> change that probably happened somewhere along the line.   The metadevices
> still work somehow, but I'm not sure why or how they still work.    I
> found out about this when one of the devices needed maintenance and I ran
> the metareplace command....
> bash-2.05# metareplace -e d1 c2t5d0s3
> metareplace: earthquake: c2t5d0s3: No such file or directory
> The new disk name would be c1t5d0s3.   I need to fix all of these for each
> metadevice.    Here's an example of one...
> d1: RAID
>    State: Needs Maintenance
>    Invoke: metareplace d1 c2t5d0s3 <new device>
>    Interlace: 64 blocks
>    Size: 100615336 blocks
> Original device:
>    Size: 100617984 blocks
>        Device              Start Block  Dbase State        Hot Spare
>        c2t5d0s3                5362     No    Maintenance
>        c2t5d1s3                5362     No    Okay
>        c2t5d3s3                5362     No    Okay
>        c2t5d4s3                5362     No    Okay
> What is the best way to fix these metadevices?   I don't think that the
> server will come back up after a reboot in its current state.
> How are these devices still working when they are referencing disk names
> that do not exist anymore?
> What, besides a defective disk, causes metadevices to require maintenance?
>  This happens often, and a lot of times simply running the metareplace
> command fixes the situation.
> fyi, the uptime on this server is over 600+ days!!
> Thanks for the help!
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