SUMMARY: Solaris 9 install with keyboard and Monitor

From: Wolfgang Schwurack <>
Date: Mon Oct 24 2005 - 09:45:04 EDT
Thank for your replies and to Sivakumar Velusamy for giving me the answer

If the system is connected to terminal server then the settings should be
like this

# eeprom | grep put

If the system connected to monitor and keyboard then

# eeprom | grep put

Wolfgang Schwurack wrote:

> To All
> I just reinstalled Solaris 9 on one of our server using the keyboard 
> and monitor. After the install I move the server to our data center 
> and connected it to a console server. When I tried to boot the server 
> I get the error it "can't find boot device". But when I disconnect the 
> console server plug the system will boot or if I plug the keyboard and 
> monitor back in the system will boot.
> Is there something I can change so the server will boot with the 
> console server connected to the server? I know if I reinstall with the 
> console cable plug in the server, it would boot just fine.


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