Summary: I don't see LP9000le

From: nick <>
Date: Fri Oct 21 2005 - 05:44:18 EDT
>Hello sunmanagers!
 >I installed Emulex lp9002le HBA in   my SunFire240 server.I updated
 >OB and installed all necessary patches.On my HBU I updated   firmware
 >and openBoot.I have last drivers for this HBA.
 >I see HBA in OB prompt(probe-scsi-all), but I don't see any changes
 >in /dev and /devices.
 >   I did devfsadm and reboot -- -r   -does not help.
 > What I do incorrectly?
 Thanks to all.
  The problem was solved.
I incorrectly have defined zones on switchs.
After correction all works fine.

Best regards,
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