SUMMARY: LOM key and reboot

From: Luke Hinds <>
Date: Thu Oct 20 2005 - 06:45:12 EDT
SUMMARY: I am a total numpty.

I screwed up and placed an fqdn in /etc/hosts/ but only a hostame in
/etc/inet/hosts somehow this resulted in being binded to hme0

Sorry to waste all's time.

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Subject: LOM key and reboot

Hi *,

I have a sun e420r which I just rebooted from a remote ssh session. The
server has not come back up or at least has not booted into a runtime
where the network interface has binded (can't ping it).

I have a feeling this may be due to the LOM key position - there are
three clicks, one has a lock symbol and the others I believe to on and

I am right in assuming that if it is placed on the lock position it will
only come up in single user mode? Or in some way the boot will be

Got to drive over to site now and find out what's happened.

Many Thanks,

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