SUMMARY: v20z mirroring problem, lost data

From: NetComrade <>
Date: Tue Oct 18 2005 - 14:12:19 EDT
I got 2 answers, and they were adequate to answer my question (original
post below). 

We ended up losing the data and using the Solaris utility instead of
Controller utility. Too bad we didn't know about this utility earlier, and
too bad the controller destroyed our data (and too bad we didn't backup ;)

>From Andrew:

There is an ITU patch needed to see the 72 gig drives on solaris 10. If
you install from CD, you will need to apply this patch during the install
while booting. It's a pain, you have to put the patch on a floppy,
interrupt the boot from cd, put in the floppy, load the patch, then
continue the boot.

Patch 119375 and 119376

Also, you may want to wait for the mirroring to finish. It takes a long

You would have been better off doing it from the solaris raid controller
utility in solaris 10. (s10 86 has a utility to control the onboard raid
controller. Linux does not.

>From Simon:

I'm guessing that the system decided to create a new partition for you
and destroyed what was on the disk. The correct way to do this is to
install Solaris 10 onto the primary disk and then use the following
command to add the second disk as a mirror of the primary:

  raidctl -c c0t0d0 c0t1d0

Have a read of
for more details of what raidctl can do.

AFAIR you can't now recover the data which was there unless you've got
it backed up somewhere else.

On Mon, 17 Oct 2005, NetComrade wrote:

> We had Solaris 10 x86 running on the machine.
> We popped exactly the same drive (same model #) into the second slot.
> Rebooted, went into the controller setup, made the first disk as 'primary'
> second disk as 'secondary', started syncing.
> We may have rebooted while it was syncing.
> Machine doesn't come up (No OS error)
> Booting off cd-rom drive shows a ~4G drive instead of 73G.
> Pulling the second disk and rebooting shows 'No OS'.
> Tried to put old partition info in the first drive, still nothing..
> Any idea what happenned, or how we can recover data?
> Thanks.
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