SUMMARY: IPFilter for Solaris 2.8

From: Roetman, Paul <>
Date: Mon Oct 17 2005 - 20:12:51 EDT
Thanks to
  Leif Hardinson
  Robert Petkus
  Neil Quiogue
  Mike Box

Original email below...

My original problem was with the pfil code....when I did the
  strconf < /dev/eri
the pfil was never listed...

and if I used
  strchg -h pfil
  strchg -h pfil < /dev/eri

it never went onto the stream configuration....

So, after reading the pfil README, and reviewing the /etc/init.d/pfil
command, I decided that Sol8 and above do not use the above method.
Instead, Sol8 uses the ifconfig method and/or autopush...

I did a little simple testing, and it seems that the software is
actually working without the strconf command - so I am hoping that area
is good to go!

If I run the ifconfig ... modinsert ... command, IPFilter works
correctly...but the autopush on startup is still failing (looking into
this today)

Reading/Links:    - HOW TO (has some great links on
it)  Amy Rich
on IPFilter (Great article!) (need to buy this magazine)
Great article on securing a single server against attack.

The SysAdmin Magazine article is what I am trying....Instead off
shutting down any and everything on the Sun Box that is not used - Use
IPFilter to restrict access to known "used" services! This is basically
a very simple "step 1" to harden a Solaris box!



>I am trying to install IPFilter...and have come across a pre-req that
>will not install properly...
>The pre-req is
>  pfil
>After running
>   pkgadd -d /tmp/pfil.pkg
>check configuration with
>  strconf < /dev/hme    (or whatever your network interface is)
>This should return two lines of output. One with pfil, the other with
>hme. But I am not getting the pfil line...
>Any ideas? I cannot find any info in the package where it is added; and

>there is no info on google; and no, unfortunately I cannot upgrade to
>version 10 Solaris....I have tried this on two different sun blade
>100's, and both give the same result.
>Will summarize...

So you've already pkgadded ipfilter and pfil.  Find out the name of the
pfil package with pkginfo.  For my installation it is "pfil".  Do a
"pkgchk -l pfil" to find out where the package installed..
Anyway, the pfil and ipf modules need to inserted into the kernel.  You
can do a modload for each but I recommend adding your ipf rules to
/etc/opt/ipf/ipf.conf (such as "block in log on bge0 proto icmp from any
to <ipaddress> icmp-type 17) and reboot the server.
Now use modinfo to see that the modules are loaded:
$modinfo | grep ipf
101 78078000  38980 210   1  ipf (IP Filter: v4.1.8)

$modinfo | grep pfil
 91  13f5f14   63d2  16   1  pfil (pfil Streams module 2.1.6)
 91  13f5f14   63d2 209   1  pfil (pfil Streams driver 2.1.6)
I'm not sure what you want to do.  Do you want to check if pfil is
bounded to the interface?  If so just check with:

ifconfig <interface> modlist

If it's not there then just do:

ifconfig <interface> modinsert pfil@2
See the modules running on hme:
ifconfig hme0 modlist

Without pfil you should see something akin to:
0 arp
1 ip
2 hme

Then try manually adding it (use the integer listed for hme from the
last output -- that's where you want to insert the pfil module):

ifconfig hme0 modinsert pfil@2
I had a similar problem to yours regarding packages.  I ended up having
to compile the pre-req and the ipfilters from source.  One thing to note
is that you have to make several changes to the make files for them to
correctly compile on for a sparc 64 bit architecture.
I, too, am fighting with IPFilter for Solaris 2.8.  Sending a query to
the IPFilter list is like sending a query to a "blackhole".

If you've not done so already, try
1) disconnect / reconnect the ethernet cable to cause a reset on the
2) reboot
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