Apache 2.0.54 cgi and Solaris 10 Summary (for now)

From: Doug Hubbard <doug_at_trackmaster.com>
Date: Mon Oct 17 2005 - 16:05:16 EDT
I have the issue fixed (sort of).
Thanks to Helmut Kreft for suggesting that I

>Use 'prefork' instead.
I have been running the worker MPM for a long time, but something in 
solaris 10 doesn't like it for me now, so switching to a prefork build 
allowed my CGI scripts to run.

Also thanks to Karl Rossing for pointing out that S 10 comes with 
Apache, however I want to keep my versions the same on all my servers 
(and play with the build so I can easily add/remove modules).

Thanks as well to the 9 or so people who let me know they were out of 
the office and the one person who informed me they are no longer 
employed at that email address :-).

If anyone else has an idea of what could be causing my issue in a worker 
build, I would really like to get back to that if possible (at least for 
my web server).

Here is the initial issue again.

>I am starting to migrate to Solaris 10 and have an issue that I was 
>unable to find an answer for online (although I may have missed it).
>I have installed Apache 2.0.54 from source with the following configure 
>./configure --prefix=/export/vendor/apache --with-mpm=worker 
>--enable-threads --enable-auth --enable-auth_dbm --enable-rewrite 
>--enable-ssl --enable-env --enable-speling --disable-userdir
>I am running gcc (GCC) 3.4.4 and openssl 0.9.7g.
>Here is my problem, when I attempt to execute a cgi script (even a 
>simple hello world) I get a server error in the browser and the 
>following errors in my error_log
>[Mon Oct 17 07:49:52 2005] [error] (131)Connection reset by peer: Error 
>reading request on cgid socket
>[Mon Oct 17 07:49:52 2005] [error] [client] Premature end of 
>script headers: simple.cgi
>[Mon Oct 17 07:49:52 2005] [error] [client] daemon couldn't 
>find CGI process for connection 24
>I am using the same httpd.conf that I run on Solaris 8 without issue.
>The permissions on the cgid socket are as follows.
>srwx------   1 doug     root           0 Oct 16 09:39 
>Apache is running as user doug on this machine.
>Rebooting this machine, while possible, is not something I want to do a 
>lot of as I have other processes running on it pretty steadily.


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