Summary: Monitoring Tools

From: Robert K <>
Date: Mon Oct 17 2005 - 11:28:16 EDT
Thanks for all your time and interest. I have attached my original post. There are various very good responses and I appreciate every one behind this.


Jim Winkle          

John Christian                     Very nice explanation

Schaper, Soeren              

Johan Hartzenberg                                                        Nice script and siggestions

joe_fletcher                                     In fact big brother is very good one but the trial is only for 30 days. Is there any open source version from bb4?

Roetman, Paul     

I apprecaite your detailed reply and try to work out as suggested.As you mentioned the spread sheet business will kill our time and efforts with out producing any additional output.

Tay, Gary           

Scott Lawson      

Andy France       


I have to try this.It looks like the good and simple big brother and also

I will try to make a script to get the info from the output of sar command.

Deluca Alfredo   

Steve Rieger       


Once again thanks for all your help.



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