SUMMARY: Opening pdf's automatically in Mozilla Mail

From: Dave Martini <>
Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 17:54:43 EDT
I had a few people suggest using Thunderbird as an email client. I 
downloaded version
0.9 from here

and tried to configure it but it won't load my Inbox for some reason 
says it can't communicate
with mail server.

When I setup Mozilla 1.7 Mail it automatically imported my mail from my 
Unix Mail
Tool somehow.

In Mozilla Mail my mail is stored here

/home/martini/.mozilla/martini/njbrktar.slt/Mail/Local Folders

Do I need to tell Thunderbird where to import my messages from?
Thunderbird has my mail here
/.thunderbird/wbcm9udt.default/Mail/Local Folders
But there is nothing in the Inbox.
When I click on Get Messages it says it can't communicate with the mail 

Below is my original question:

I'm evaluating using Mozilla mailtool. I had been using Sun's Mailtool GUI.

Sun's mailtool would automatically check for new mail periodically due 
to sendmail
daemon running on my host.

1. Can Mozilla mail do that? I have to hit Control/T to have it update  
my new messages now.

2. When I receive emails with PDF documents attached I get the pop up 
box that asks what
application should be used to open the document. I have adobe acrobat 
reader installed
and Sun's mailtool would automatically launch it when I clicked on a pdf 
file withing
Sun's mailtool but Mozilla mail asks me each time. Do I need to put 
acrobat reader
in the plugins folder? I can browse to the location of adobe acrobat 
reader and then the
pdf opens but the checkbox that says "always use this action" is 
dehilighted and I can't
check it for some reason.

3. How do I enable messages to show up in my sent messages folder?

4. Are there better Solaris email clients?

Thanks much to all the Mozilla mail experts!!!
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