SUMMARY: Activating HotSpare in A1000 with RaidManager

From: Tim Evans <>
Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 10:01:51 EDT
I wrote:

>I have an A1000 under control of RaidManager 6, set up for RAID 5, with 12
>disks on one LUN.  Both one of the 11 data disks *and* the hotspare have
> failed.

>I replaced the hotspare with a new disk, thinking it would automagically become
> active and take over for the other failed disk.  RaidManager showed the LUN 
>being reconstructed after installing the new disk, but now shows the hotspare
>in "standby" status.
>LUN is still showing its status as "degraded," with 10 good disks and one
> failed one.
>How do I make the current hotspare take over?  Just pull the bad one?

Thanks to:

Helmut Kreft <>
JV <>

Concensus was that I should have just replaced the failed disk with the new one, 
rather than replacing the (also-failed) hotspare.

I used RaidManager to delete the new hotspare, then moved the new disk into the 
failed data disk slot.  The array attempted to rebuild the LUN, but that, too, 
failed.  Troubleshooting in RaidManager indicated errors on one or more other 
disk, causing the failure to rebuild.

fscki-ng the filesystem turned up several dozen unreadable blocks, as did 
ufsdump-ing it.

Before I could troubleshoot any further, however, the entire LUN failed. RM now 
shows two failed disks (not counting the previously failed hotspare).  
Attempting to fsck the filesystem came back with the superblock, including 
alternative locations, unreadable.

Looks like I'm s-o-l here.  The boss is replacing the array with a new Linux 
server with RAID array.
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