Summary/Followup: Need help! - vxvm disk not usable error...

From: Anjan Dave <>
Date: Fri Sep 30 2005 - 11:47:46 EDT

I got a couple replies, including one saying this is not a Sun issue.
Thanks to Ed Crotty for giving out some suggestions...

The issue started with a lost label on the T3, and the subsequent reboot
revealed it, and VxVm lost control over the diskgroup, it just vanished
with all the volumes within it. With Veritas support, tried recreating
the dg and all the volumes using the configuration information from
another similar T3 (under vxvm), but that didn't help. Finally a tape
restore of the database was done.

What I still don't know is why the Sun label was lost from the T3? The
only theory I have is this, and I would like to see if it makes sense to
you - few months back, drive 0 on the T3 had failed. I had replaced it
with a similar drive, that I had bought from a reseller somewhere. The
T3 was not able to start the automatic rebuild of the raid5 upon
replacing the drive, I had to manually rebuild it. I have a doubt that
the actual hard drive (Seagate) may not be from Sun, and hence may never
have had the Sun label on it, and it worked fine till the reboot that
happened 2 days ago...Could this be the reason?

If not, why would the label be lost?


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Subject: Need help! - vxvm disk not usable error...


I had to reboot this sol7 (420r) host that is attached to a T3. Some
time ago i had replaced a couple failed drives on the T3, and this
morning i had to reboot it to take care of some other errors (related to
'cannot open network device'), but now, one of the VXVM volume is not

DEVICE       DISK         GROUP        STATUS
c0t0d0       rootdisk     rootdg       online
c0t1d0       disk01       rootdg       online nohotuse
c1t7d0       -            -            error
Device to list in detail [<address>,none,q,?] (default: none) c1t7d0
Device:    c1t7d0s2
devicetag: c1t7d0
type:      sliced
flags:     online error private autoconfig
errno:     Disk is not usable
Multipathing information:
numpaths:   1
c1t7d0s2        state=enabled   type=primary

The initial error was a obout a corrupt label on T3, for which i did a
format/label, and rebooted the host.

Here is the format output:
       0. c0t0d0 <SUN36G cyl 24620 alt 2 hd 27 sec 107>
       1. c0t1d0 <SUN36G cyl 24620 alt 2 hd 27 sec 107>
       2. c1t7d0 <SUN-T300-0116 cyl 34145 alt 2 hd 56 sec 128>

And one more:
# /usr/lib/vxvm/diag.d/vxprivutil scan c1t7d0s2
vxvm:vxprivutil: ERROR: Cannot open c1t7d0s2:
        No such file or directory

I would appreciate if anyone has some help/suggestions!

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