SUMMARY : Force POST without power-on/off

From: Sebastien Daubigne <>
Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 04:34:14 EDT

5 minutes later, Philippe sent me the good one, thank you  :

>> De : Ghazarian, Philippe []
>> setenv post-trigger user-reset
>> reset-all

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Objet : Force POST without power-on/off


Do you know any way to force a Power-On-Self-Test on Sun servers via any
software/OBP command : I mean without harwdware power-on via manuel
intervention on the front panel/key switch.

I tried setting "diag-level" to "max" and diag-switch to "true", then
"reset-all", but it doesn't start POST.

Note : the server is a V480 and I only have standard serial console access
(no RSC).


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