SUMMARY: Jumpstart Issue

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Mon Sep 26 2005 - 18:10:51 EDT
Wow that was quick one. Many Thanks to Jeff Donovan for his quick
response and to the point.
Answer: You want to set local-mac-address? false so the client only uses
the mac address you get from the banner command for all interfaces
especially since you are using the second interface. Once you do that do
a show-nets at the ok prompt and it will show you all your interfaces.
Choose the hme1 interface and use that one to jumpstart off.

I set the local-mac-address true which means NIC mac address. By setting
it to false uses system's MAC address and then choose the correct
interface from OK prompt to JS.

Thanks a lot Gurus.

My question was:
Hi Gurus,
One of my Production Web Server Netra T105 Hard disk failed. The box is
at co-location and I need to bring it back up ASAP. I have one Spare
Disk sitting inside Netra which I am trying JumpStart but when I try to
Jumpstart I get error "Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet"
continuously. I checked my configuration on Jumpstart box i.e.
/etc/bootparams, /etc/nsswitch.conf, /etc/ethers,rules file and
add_install_client and all looks ok. This Netra has two interfaces -
hme0 - Outside VLAN and hme1 - inside VLAN so as my jumpstart server
which is in internal VLAN. In /etc/ethers file I have put the MAC
address which gor from banner command at OK promt and my doubt is that
this MAC address is for hme0 interface which is in outside VLAN and that
why its failing to boot. I chekced printenv command and made sure that
local-mac-address isset to true but I am not able to get the MAC address
of hme1 interface from OK promt. Is there a way I can find the MAC
address from OK prompt? Or any other issue is causing jumpstart to fail?
Any help/pointer will be greatly appreciated. TIA B
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