SUMMARY: SATA RAID Array Support in x86 Solaris 10

From: Tim Evans <>
Date: Sun Sep 25 2005 - 19:00:09 EDT
I wrote:

>I mistyped both the subject line and text of this posting.  I'm looking for 
>SATA RAID *controller* support.  
>>I need to convince a boss that Solaris 10 on x86 is a valid alternative to 
>>Sun's Hardware Compatibility List has no info of any kind on support for SATA 
>>disks--and this includes none for SATA RAID arrays.
>>Anyone know whether support is there?  Specifically, for the Dell CERC 
>>array?  (System is a Dell PowerEdge 1800, which is shown as being supported in 

Thanks to:

"Michael Horton" <>
Scott Mickey <>
<> (Who sent an unrelated reply, apparently responding to 
some other message)

No one had a definitive answer here.  Scott sent a lengthy message commenting on 
the inadequate state of the Solaris 10 HCL, especially when compared to that for 
Solaris 8.

I also posted this question to comp.unix.solaris, and had a couple of responses 
suggesting that the 'aac' driver might support this controller, but, again, 
nothing definitive.

Dell themselves, however, told me they do not certify this controller with any 
Solaris, only with RedHat.

So, the boss gets his way.
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