SUMMARY: compress on rotation of logfiles

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Thu Sep 22 2005 - 10:20:17 EDT
I asked:

> I have a solaris 9 box upon which one particular named logfile is huge.
> I modified the /etc/logadm.conf file so that it would compress the
> logfile when it rotated it -- but it did not.  What have I gotten wrong
> in the syntax?

> cron calls logadm once a week, on sunday morning.  (logadm works in GMT,
> hence the wierd time in the -P field).  I am only saving one old copy of
> this logfile, and that is what I want to compress...

> /var/named/var/log/named.queries.log -C 1 -N -P 'Sun Jun 13 08:10:00 2004'
-a '/usr/local/sbin/rndc reload' -g daemon -o named -p now -z 0

> TIA, and I will summarize.

The solution:

Compression works fine if you are keeping more than one old log.  In this
case I was only keeping named.queries.log.0.  Because of the (fairly arcane)
logic of the gzip command, if you are only keeping one copy it cannot be
compressed.  If you want to compress you need to keep at least two old

What is very helpful and worth mentioning explicitly, is the -v option to
logadm.  The syntax is logadm -v filename.  This command will show but not
do everything that would be done to "filename" as specified by the
/etc/logadm.conf file.

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