SUMMARY: NTP howto correct time zone

From: Gabel Martin <>
Date: Tue Sep 20 2005 - 10:20:04 EDT
Thanks to: Ric Anderson, Matthew Stier, Richard Rominger, Douglas Palmer and
Hakan Yasti for their help.
Indeed the NTP has nothing to do with the local time. It always delivers
UTC. To correct the offset you'll have to
configure your local "TZ" variable in /etc/default/init and set it to actual
In my case: TZ=Europe/Berlin. Other predefined timezones must accord to the
/usr/share/lib/timezone directory.
Thanks again
original message:
I've configured my box as a  NTP server for our local LAN. I connect to
several Internet time servers to get the actual time.
This works fine to the fact that I always get UTC time instead of MEZ (GMT
I've added "TIMESHIFT=2" in /etc/inet/ntp.conf, but it seems to have no
effect. My TZ variable is TZ='<GMT+1>+1'
When I set the date manually, the ntp deamon corrects it to UTC again. 
Any suggestions ?
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