Summary: Load balance in IP Multipathing not observed on V240 server

From: Alan Kong <>
Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 21:35:55 EDT
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and others on holiday.

Sun IPMP ONLY "load balance" outgoing network traffic. In order to 
reduce the NIC failure warnings messages in syslog, the 
"FAILURE_DETECTION_TIME" in "/etc/default/mpathd" was set back to 10000 
instead of 2500. The response from default gateway was slow and extra 
gateways were added to improve the response time for NIC "probe".

The in-bound network traffic still switch over from one NIC to another 
NIC and vice versa every hour or so. I don't know whether this is the 
behaviour of IPMP from Sun. I could not find further info to confirm.


Alan Kong wrote:

> Dear Managers,
> We have IP Multipathing setup on 2 NICs on a Sun V240 server and  
> observed load balancing was not working.
> Our network monitoring(MRTG) program on the 2 network ports on  
> different switches have network traffic recorded.  When there was 
> traffic recorded on one NIC, there appeared to be no network traffic 
> on the other NIC. This lasted for about an hour and the network 
> traffic switched over to the other NIC. The switch over of network 
> traffic on both NICs repeated on an hourly fasion.
> Evironment:
> - Solaris 2.8 running on V240 server in NIS+ environment
> - Both logical addresses have been added to DNS and NIS+ host table
> /etc/hostname.bge0:
> v240server-bge0 netmask + broadcast + group production deprecated 
> -failover up
> addif v240server netmask + broadcast + failover up
> /etc/hostname.bge1:
> v240server-bge1 netmask + broadcast + group production deprecated 
> -failover up
> addif v240server-dum netmask + broadcast + failover up
> Both network ports were running GBits. Applications and users uses 
> v240server address.
> Please advise on solving the problem and whether IP Multipathing works 
> in NIS+ environment since only one host address (v240server) was added 
> to the NIS+ cred table.
> Thank you.
> Regards
> Alan Kong
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