summary: return key is missing

From: Jun Zhu <>
Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 11:18:03 EDT

Thanks for the responses from the following people:

Jon Andrews 
"Hirchert, Dale L" 
Andrew Hall 
Grzegorz Bakalarski 
Joshua Clark 
Dan Astoorian 
John Benjamins 
"Marble, Jeff R" 
Charles Morris 
Michael Horton

I used the solution devrived from Charles Morris
suggestion.  I openned another terminal from another
unix box and type 

%mv /.profile /tmp

then I copy the whole line including the "enter". Then
paste the whole line to the console of the messed up
server. It works.

btw, I tried ctrl-M, ctrl-J. No luck and I don't have
any other user accounts on this server.



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Subject: return key is missing


someone messed up the root profile and the enter
key(return key) on the keyboard was mapped to

I can't issue any commands at this time since there is
no "enter"  any more. Except booting  from cdrom, is
there other way? 

I have console connections and system accepts telnet
but not rsh.

thanks in advance,




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