SUMMARY: Sol 10 x86 / Dell 2850

From: Per Nystrom <>
Date: Wed Sep 14 2005 - 19:32:22 EDT

Has anyone found a resolution to the nic switching problem Andrew
mentions below?  I am trying to PXE Jumpstart a V20z that seems to have
the same problem.  It will get its initial IP address and tftp the
kernel on port 0, then it appears to try to do everything after that on
port 1.  Since only port 0 is connected to the network, I get this error

Warning: pmap_kgetport: portmapper not responding; still trying

I have successfully PXE Jumpstarted several V20zs with exactly the same
Jumpstart server setup prior to this, so I am also wondering if it might
be a hardware issue.  But then, if port 0 were bad, I wouldn't expect it
to DHCP and tftp the kernel.  Any help is appreciated!



I was able to resolve the portmapper errors by patching another
interface on my server.  Whats happening is that I PXE boot off the
onboard interface, but when solaris boots it finds the extra PCI nic
first, so its trying to jumpstart over the PCI nic, not the onboard nic
I PXE booted from.

As for the hanging Configuring Devices, the short answer is I have to
disable ACPI during the jumpstart.  This can be accomplished three

You can either add 'setprop acpi-user-options 0x4' in solaris/bootenv.rc
if you use an install floppy, create a /tftpboot/01<mac addr>.bootenv.rc
in the jumpstart server, or at the boot selection screen hit F4 for Boot
Tasks, View/Edit, F4 for create and create a new entry called
'acpi-user-options' w/ a value of '0x4'.

As to why the nics are acting such, I will open a new thread.



On Fri, 2005-07-29 at 12:43, Andrew Hall wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am having a difficult time installing solaris 10 x86 on a brand new
> Dell 2850.  If I PXE boot it gets the sysidcfg info then gives me a
> portmap error:
> Warning: pmap_kgetport: portmapper not responding; still trying
> I use this same jumpstart server to install sol 8,9,10 sparc w/ no
> problems.
> If I boot of cd, it hangs at "Configuring Devices".  It just sits there
> and spins.  It never gets past this.  I let it sit there for almost an
> hour.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Drew
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