SUMMARY: Migrate Solaris 8 from E420 to E450

From: Warren Liang <>
Date: Wed Sep 14 2005 - 16:40:56 EDT

I build a Solaris (host name clone1, platform is Enterprise 450) on disk 3. Restore the entire E420 (host name is real1) host from its tapes to disk 1. Mount real1s root partition at /rootDR.

On host clone1, execute command # devfsadm Cc disk r /rootDR
Shutdown clone1 and boot off disk1 with r option.

A RAID (Sun 3xxx) controller is connected to the E450 but not on E420. Copy file /kernel/drv/sd.conf from clone1 to disk1/kernel/drv, it makes real1 to recognize the RAID.

During the initial reboot, it complains that can not run fsck. It took me two hours to realize the /usr mount point did not exist. During BrightStor restore, I must set up some parameters incorrectly. None of the mount points was created. I manually created them but somehow missed the /usr. 

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