SUMMARY: DVD drive in a Sun Blade 1000 acts up

From: David Markowitz <>
Date: Mon Sep 12 2005 - 17:46:41 EDT
I didn't want to delay this any longer, even though it
is as yet unsolved.

Thanks to:

    Steven Beebe
    Chris Sellers (no name given)

Chris suggested that I look at vold.  This was not the
problem, as my drive often opens on power-up before
the OS is even loaded.

Nouce suggested a firmware patch.  Mine was at 1007
and 1009 is current.
Although the doc showed nothing related, I tried this
anyway.  It updated to 1009 with no problem, but it
had no effect on my drive's behavior.  :-(

Steven suggested that my drive is broken.  :-(

I plan to open it up and check the cabling ASAP.  If
that solves nothing (as I expect), I'll replace the
drive.  Anyone with a spare SD-M1401 or
SD-M1711 Toshiba (X6168A)?
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