SUMMARY: Mounting brackets for rack mount Sun 420R server

From: Guy D. <>
Date: Mon Sep 12 2005 - 12:47:36 EDT
I was looking for rails to attach an old E420R to a
rack, but Sun was out of stock on this component.

I did not know there were lots of vendors reselling
Sun hardware, and I got responses about the four

-  "F. Kurt Schulte" <> from 
-  "Rich Bonfoey" <> 
suggested Mark Herzan at Spring Lake Computer
-  "Loukinas, Jeremy" <> 
suggested Scott Hoadley @ Elarasys
-  "Mike McCabe" <> from VarData, LLC

"Eelco Maljaars" <> wrote:
"I think you can also look for the rackmount kit of a
Sun E220 and a Sun Fire 280. They both have the same
outside chassis as the 420."

"Wil Deny" <> also mentioned eBay.

I ordered the part from Elarasys and it arrived

Thanks sunmanagers!
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