SUMMARY: hardware solution for wiping disks

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Wed Sep 07 2005 - 11:16:28 EDT
I asked

> I am wiping prior to disposal hundreds of hard drives.  They are mostly
> SCSI drives, but there is the occasional oddball.  I have been using a
> software solution (dd /dev/zero onto every bit seven times) but this fails
> if the disk will not format.  I am looking for a hardware solution: I take
> the disk out and run it through a massive electromagnet or something like
> that.  A google search only turns up software programs.  Is anyone familiar
> with a hardware solution?  TIA; summary will follow.

The suggestions:

Find out *exactly* to what standards the disk needs to be wiped.
At one end of the spectrum is to reduce the disk to metal confetti.
The other end of the spectrum is to run Sun format if the drive is readable
and just run analyze and purge.

Some folks suggested keywords for google, and some suggested specific
websites.  I know nothing about these companies; I am just relaying site
names that I received.

Physical destruction
power drill through the drive
dissassemble the drives and sandpaper the platters
sledge hammer, axe, etc.
a 3rd party company that does data destruction

Really big magnetic fields
degauss magnet

software at
Sun instructions

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