SUMMARY: Ethernet card woes

From: Will Dowling <>
Date: Wed Sep 07 2005 - 08:56:11 EDT
Thanks to everyone to replied! 
It turns out that /etc/inet/ipnodes had the old IP address
set - thanks to Dale Hirchert for pointing that out.
Also if I ran sys-unconfig it would have caught it aswell -
thanks Dominic Clark

So for future reference either change the following files :

or run sys-unconfig.

Thanks again!


> Hey managers,
> I've got a horrible problem. The network I am on changed
> the subnet address thus the IP address of my server has
> changed. The thing is it will not keep the new IP when the
> server reboots. It just refers back to the old IP.
> It is not a DHCP client, the address is provided
> statically. The only files I should have to change are
> /etc/hosts, /etc/netmask right?
> It's a SunGigaswift Ethernet adapter on a Sun Fire v880
> running Solaris 9.
> Thanks in advance,
>  Will
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