SUMMARY: Jumpstart Server sysidcfg file

From: Gabel Martin <>
Date: Wed Sep 07 2005 - 04:15:06 EDT
Hi everybody,
I managed to solve the problem but not in a quit elegant way. As some of you
suggested, I just deleted my whole directory where I had put the Solaris
software and copied the CD's to my harddisk again. It works now, and I've
tried to find the difference between these two compilations, but no luck so
Special thanks to Darren Dunham for his help.
original message: 
>Hi everyone,

>I desperately trying to get my jumpstart server to work. It's a Sol 10
machine but it's distributing Sol 8 to the machines. However, I configured
the whole thing according to sun's (and other) documents describing the
setup. when I "boot net - install" the box tftp fine and start installing
the packages.

>But after the packages it responds: "en_US ia not a valid system locale"
and beaks the automatic installation to jump into the interactive. I've
surfed through the internet but could only find documents describing en_US
as the default system_locale in the sysidcfg.

>Here is my sysidcfg:



>network_interface=PRIMARY {hostname=server1 protocol_ipv6=no
ip_address= netmask= default_route=}







>Does anyone have any idea why the jumpstart won't accept the en_US ?


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