Summary: v880 disk problem

From: Jeff Dinisco <>
Date: Tue Sep 06 2005 - 10:24:45 EDT
Thanks for all the replies.  It turns out that you cannot purchase any
one of the "Sun supported" fc drives from any vendor for a v880.  The
disks must have Sun's firmware loaded or they will not be recognized.  I
know this is not true for many scsi based Sun systems but I'm not sure
about the other fc based Sun systems.

I'm not aware of a procedure to load Sun's firmware onto a drive or even
how to acquire it.  Sun sales quoted me a price for a replacement.
After receiving the quote, I decided to search for a 3rd party vendor by
using the Sun part #.

Some interesting information that was passed along...

Some have experienced no issues when replacing a drive w/ out following
the proper hot-plug procedure.
When having trouble w/ new hardware - devfsadm -C, then add the
hardware, then devfsadm.
solaris 8 backplane patch - 117814-01 (read the docs, prompt returns
during upgrade but you still have to wait)
solaris 8 disks patch - 116369-10
108528-24 was pulled as an "unstable kernel"

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Subject: v880 disk problem

I had a failed disk on a v880 running Solaris 8 (108528-24).  I
mistakenly pulled the disk w/ out using the proper hot-plug procedure
(luxadm remove_device).  Now I can't seem to get the new drive online.
I've tried - "reboot -- -r" and "luxadm insert_device".

The new 36gb replacement drive is the same Seagate model as the other
existing drives - ST336605FC.  Here's what it looks like...

format - drive is not present.  It was c1t10d0.  It's not there now.
There are only 11 internal drives shown (should be 12)

probe-scsi-all - looks like the drive is found because 12 WWN's are
shown.  11 of them look like this (with different WWN's)...
3   3   0  21000004cf72bb7d  SEAGATE ST336605FSUN36G 0438
1 looks like this...
6   6   0  5080020000165e89  SUNW    SUNWGS INT FCBPL9224

cfgadm -al - 11 look like this (with different WWN's)...
c1::21000004cf7fad41           disk         connected    configured
1 looks like this...
c1::5080020000165e89           ESI          connected    configured

luxadm disp - 11 look like this (with different WWN's)...
7      On (O.K.)         20000004cf7fad08
1 looks like this...
8      On (Login failed)

Could this be a drive firmware issue?  Could not using the proper
removal procedure be the cause?  Thanks.

 - Jeff DiNisco
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