SUMMARY: problem with inetd and tcpwrappers

From: Gérard Henry <>
Date: Tue Sep 06 2005 - 00:44:03 EDT
thanks to all people for replies:
Casper Dik
Nicolas Dorfsman
David Harrington
Bill Williams
Chris Hoogendyk
Nicole Skyrca
Pablo Jejcic
Tic Anderson
Bertrand Hutin
Michael Schulte

sun implementation of tcpwrappers (SUNWtcpd) in inetd doesn't show 
related service
in my case, this error message is related to imapd, not imapds. to 
verify, i added in /etc/hosts.deny:
imapd: ALL : spawn (/usr/sfw/sbin/safe_finger  -l @%h | /usr/ucb/mail -s 
%d-%h root) &

so my config is correct, just sun tcpd is poor...
someone suggested to open a case at sun hotline, to force a correction. 
This bug seems to be fixed in solaris 10, but i've no plan to upgrade my 
mail server soon.
Another solution will be to use a firewall like ipfilter, but not 
supported by sun in solaris 9

my initial message:
> on our mail server, sparc solaris 9, we got some errors:
> Sep  2 15:15:27 gyptis inetd[2677]: [ID 140027 daemon.error] warning: 
> can't verify hostname: 
> gethostbyname( failed
> Sep  2 15:15:27 gyptis inetd[2677]: [ID 913506 daemon.warning] refused 
> connect from (name/address mismatch)
> tcpwrappers is actived in /etc/default/inetd
> /etc/hosts.allow contains a line like:
> imapsd :
> anybody knows why inetd refuses connection from this machine, whereas 
> /etc/hosts.allow permits connexion from this domain?
> is there antoher parameter to change?
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