Summary: Sun patches cluster broke sendmail

From: Ben Kim <>
Date: Sat Sep 03 2005 - 11:49:32 EDT
Thanks to William Cole, Rob Windsor and Christ Clark. My problem was that
a patch broke my sendmail.

All told me the reason was because there was a sendmail package original
from Sun remaining in the system, while we have been using a locally
compiled sendmail (SUNWsndmu and SUNWsndmr from patch 110615-13) Hence the
	Version 8.11.7p1+Sun

I just had to 
# pkginfo|grep -i sendmail
8_Recommended# find . -name 'SUNWsndm*'

Here are some lessons.

"Go look for the patches from the last batch that touched sendmail in
/var/sadm/pkg/sndmr/save and /var/sadm/pkg/sndmu/save."

"The overall lesson is that you should always work with the package
system when changing any file on Solaris that is part of an existing Sun
package. The patch tools all assume that the package database is correct,
so if you are going to modify or replace any file that already has an
entry in /var/sadm/install/contents you should start by removing whatever
package that file is part of and replacing every piece of that package,
preferably with your own packaged collection. "

Thanks all.

======= original post ==============

- Solaris 8, SunFire280R -

I applied the latest recommended patch cluster and suddenly I'm seeing
problems with my sendmail. Could anyone with similar experience help me
pinpoint the problem patch and tell me if I can remove it? If this is not
a proper forum to ask, can I get some pointers on where to look?

Problems I see are: 

- We used to be on V6, but now sendmail requires V4 for the queue file
version. (unsupported qf file version error) 

- rRFC line causes invalid queue format error (bad line error), and it's
"almost" the same as RPFD line, so I remove them by scripts, but I'm not
comfortable with that.

My problem is similar to what's described here.

There's a slight complication, since we are running 3 daemons, 1st and 3rd
in the main host and 2nd in a linux box which only handles amavis

sendmail -d0.1 -bv root shows:

1) main host
Version 8.11.7p1+Sun

2) amavis host
Version 8.13.1 

The "+Sun" part is really giving me a headache. That patch seems to be a

I have some customized configuration so it's not easy to upgrade sendmail
version. I had to ask for permission to apply patches for a very long time
before getting this chance. And now I find myself guilty. Which makes me
feel I can't justify the time spent on fixing them, so I'm hoping to find
the problem and take that specific patch out...


Ben Kim
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