SUMMARY: liveupgrade to upgrade form solaris 9 to 10

From: Gérard Henry <>
Date: Tue Aug 30 2005 - 01:09:40 EDT
thanks to all people who responded(bill fitts, tim evans, ade fewings, 
useel lebar, ying xu, charlie giannetto, tom crummey), sorry for late 
summary, we stopped our servers during 2 days...

everyone said: "do what it say!"

but pay attention to what you do, because, to upgrade sol9 to 10, you 
have to have sufficiant space in /, and that's not the case for me!
on solaris 9, / sizes 4.8Gb, and this machine is a v210 with 2 hard 
disks. So want to use second disk to upgrade, and did a fmthard and 
prtvtoc to have the same disk, and liveupgrade failed because sol10 
needs more space than 4.8Gb!
so i have to retry

initial message:
> according to this document:
> it is possible to upgrade from 9 to 10.
> So trying on a s9 machine, but got this message:
> rebecca-root% luupgrade -n "Solaris_10" -u -s 
> /net/mary2/datas4/export/install/Solaris_10.0_03-05
> Validating the contents of the media 
> </net/mary2/datas4/export/install/Solaris_10.0_03-05>.
> The media is a standard Solaris media.
> The media contains an operating system upgrade image.
> The media contains <Solaris> version <10>.
> ERROR: This version of Live Upgrade is unable to upgrade to <Solaris>
> version <10>. Only upgrades to <Solaris> version <5.9> are supported by
> this version of Live Upgrade. To upgrade to <Solaris> version <10>, remove
> Live Upgrade from the currently running system, and then install Live
> Upgrade from the <Solaris> version <10> install media. Then use Live
> Upgrade to upgrade boot environment <Solaris_10>.
> but, nowhere, in, there is a note about this action.
> Anyone already did it and succedeed?
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