SUMMARY: Can't ftp in as root

From: Dave Martini 1 <>
Date: Mon Aug 29 2005 - 16:13:09 EDT
/etc/ftpd/ftpusers was the file I had to edit and remove root.
Thanks to the many that suggested it!

Dave Martini

My original question

I've got a Solaris 9 box and the ftp service is running but
I'm only able to log in as a regular user and not root.
Is there a config file somewhere that sets this?
Thanks much.
Dave Martini

# ftp Hostname
Connected to Hostname
220 Hostname FTP server (Version wu-2.6.2+Sun) ready.
Name (Hostname:root): 
331 Password required for root.
530 Login incorrect.
Login failed.
ftp> user
(username) martini
331 Password required for martini.
230 User martini logged in.
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