SUMMARY: "prtconf -vp" missing disk slots

From: Helmut Kreft <>
Date: Mon Aug 22 2005 - 11:52:17 EDT
On Sat 2005-08-20 (01:05), Helmut Kreft wrote:
> I inherited a E450 running Solaris 2.6 which for some reason refuses to
> show informations about disk slots above slot#11. This machine definetely
> has a disk in each of the 20 Slots, all in use.

The problem is solved. Jim VandeVegt's mail provided me the essential

| I seem to remember a vague reference to the disk_led (spelling is not
| right but I can't remember it exactly right now) EEPROM setting. On
| the surface that setting is supposed to tell the motherboard to light
| up the front panel disk light when there is activity on the listed
| PCI cards, but I think it also might aid prtconf and prtdiag.  --Jim

This led me to the following document:

The NVRAM configuration parameter 'disk-led-assoc' was in fact missing one
controler. This was easily fixed by issuing the appropiate eeprom command
and a subsequent reconfigure boot. Since then the machine identifies disks
in Slot#12-19 as well. 

Thanks Jim and everybody else for their feedback!


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