SUMMARY: SDLT 600 st.conf

From: Rob Windsor <>
Date: Tue Aug 16 2005 - 12:29:23 EDT
Rob Windsor wrote:

> I dug through the archives and didn't see a SUMMARY on this topic..

> I have the documents from Quantum (646415801.pdf and 
> installsunsolaris25.pdf) regarding the SDLT320, and so far that's what 
> I'm using.

> I'd like to know if this is applicable to SDLT600s as well, or what the 
> differences are.

Thanks to Darren Dunham for speedy response:

There is no need for st.conf entries if the st module already knows 
about it.  You can verify via:

mybackup# strings /kernel/drv/st | grep SDLT

I also got the same answer from Quantum (I realized that we have 
"upgrade support" after I sent mail to sunmanagers).

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