SUMMARY: bad sync on an out-of-the-box server?

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Tue Aug 16 2005 - 10:14:30 EDT
I asked:

> I just built a brand new system with a flar I built on another identical
> box.  (V150, Solaris 9, real live monitor & keyboard).  It builds just fine
> and reboots normally.  But when it starts the GUI login at the end of bootup,
> the server locks.  The monitor says something like the sync is not supported
> and the server hangs.  It is so hung so badly that a Stop-A will not even
> kill the box.  It must be powercycled.
> I tried another monitor.  On this one the system boots up normally, but
> when it starts the GUI the monitor goes black and the LED on it goes from
> green to amber (power, but no signal).
> The flar was built from a system that works fine and from a system that is
> the identical hardware for both the server and the monitor.  Does anyone
> have a suggestion as to why this box freezes when it goes to GUI?
> Thanks, and of course I will summarize.

The solution:

fbconfig -prconf (print hardware configuration) and
fbconfig -propt  (print software configuration) did not match for some
reason.  I did a fbconfig -res NNNxNNNxNN, entering in the hardware config.
That changed the software config to match the hardware config, and all was
well.  I was hoping that there was an option to fbconfig that resets both
to the factory-shipped config, but apparently there is not.  The only
suggestions I got were how to disable the GUI login entirely, which is
not what I wanted to do.

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