Summary: booting problem with V880

From: Z H <>
Date: Mon Aug 15 2005 - 13:42:20 EDT
Thanks to:

Rick von Richter" <>

here are the comments:

Have you tried clearing the bootprom to factory
defaults?  I.e. Hold 
down L1-N while powering up?

Sounds like a power problem.  I would follow Sun's
recommendation - you 
may not be supplying enough AMPs to the unit.

I was unable to resolve the problem yet.

Vendor has indicated the centerplane is the problem.
So  replacing the centerplane is current approach.



Original question:

To All Helpers:

Upon booting an used V880 just received from vendor,
the system fault LED light is solid Amber after
turning on the power.

The system shows:

Error: Faulty Power Up Reset Sequence
H/W under test = Safari bus CPU 1,
Repair instructions: Replace item in order listed by
'H/W under test' above
CPU 1 Trap trace

The error message continue on all four CPUs.

Then show a list of debug menu:

0 peek/poke interface
1 Dump DAR error bits

d Do soft reset
? Help

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