Addendum: SUMMARY: Solaris 10 and NBU 5.0

From: Grant Lowe <>
Date: Tue Aug 09 2005 - 20:09:20 EDT
Oops. Forgtot to add the original question. Here it is:
Has anyone successfully installed NetBackup 5.0 onto Solaris 10?  I 
have a
technote from Veritas, number 275107 (which is at the following URL: 
The note seems to imply that Solaris 10 will support NBU 5.0, as long 
as its
NBU 5.0, MP5 for the server or MP4 for the client, or for  5.1, MP2.  
But I
can't get the thing installed.  Has anyone been able to install this? 
If so,
what did you do to get is installed.
This is a V240, with 2 CPU and 2 GB RAM. 
Thanks for the following people for their input:
Jannette Michele
Russell J Lebar
Ernesto (Gabriel) Beitler
 The suggestions were to go with Solaris 9.  That wasn't an option for 
me as we're bypassing 9 and going straight to 10.
 Well, the fix was to copy the CD to disk (like /var/tmp) and then 
install it from there.  That solved the problem.  Thanks goes to Sun 
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