SUMMARY: Connecting Sun SPARCStorage Disk Array 219 RSM to Ultra 30

From: Anthony Gunia <>
Date: Mon Aug 08 2005 - 21:05:29 EDT
Many thanks to Peter Stokes, Peter Wallis, Eric Falon, and E.  Turns out the 
RSM trays are "Differential SCSI", so I need an X6541A HVD SCSI card to 
connect to the 219 RSM.  The Unipack is single ended SCSI. The 219 is high 
voltage differential.  Here is my original posting:

> Hello,
> I have a Sun SPARCStorage Disk Array 219 RSM that I want to connect to
> the SCSI port on my Ultra 30.  I get the following message after
> connecting the unit and booting up:
> "Fatal SCSI error at script address 10 Unexpected disconnect
> Can't open boot device"
> I can attach a Unipack set to SCSI ID of 4, and no problem with that.
> So I know my cables and Ultra 30 are fine.  I think it might be the
> SCSI ID settings on the WDS2 card on the array, but I don't have a
> manual to change the settings, and there are no settings displayed on
> the card.  Anyone out there know what these settings might be, or
> perhaps the unit is incompatible with the Ultra 30?  Thanks.
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