Summary: in.ftpd in Sol10

From: Santhakumar S <>
Date: Thu Aug 04 2005 - 08:34:16 EDT
Dear Managers,
I received 3 replies as below:

 From Casper Dik

Solaris 10 contains wu-ftpd as ftpd so why did you replace it...

>From Kalyan Manchikati..

Disable IPv6. Below is the procedure to do so (though it says solaris 9 it
works on solaris 10 as well). Keep in mind that the file
/etc/inet/inet_type does not exist by default in solaris. You need to
create it and reboot the server.. (you can try sending a hup to inetd, but
I am not sure about it. A reboot definitely disables ipv6)..

 From Scott Croft...

Why are you not using the in.ftpd binary that comes with WuFtp or the
compiled version when you compiled it?

Action I took:
I didn't know Sol10 uses wuftp. I must have corrupted the ftpd deamon. I 
tried Kalyan's step didn't work even with a reboot.
I still can't ftp into the server. This is only a test server. I had 
problem with a Solaris8 box that has wu-ftp installed. But I can't ftp 
the files >2gb with wu-ftp (32 bit) so I wanted to compile wu-ftp with 
64 bit and test file > 2gb. ( FYI on Sol8 I had to disable wu-ftp and 
ftp using the Sun's default ftp to tranfer files >2gb). I had only Sol10 
server to test it, now ended with this problem.

Thanks for the replies.


> Dear Managers,
> I have trouble with WU-FTP in Solaris 10, as Sol10 in.ftpd is IPv6 and 
> wu-ftp doesn't support IPv6. I get the following error:
> 500 Illegal PORT Command
> 425 Can't build data connection: Address family not supported by 
> protocol family
> How can I force it to use IPv4.?
> Thanks
> San
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