SUMMARY : quick ksh script date issue

From: Laurence Moughan <>
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 10:15:48 EDT

I had a leading space before the 0 in the sed statement

should have been sed 's/0/ /g'

Thanks to all that replied, ( besides Rafter Rich - you know who you
are ! )

Hi All,


why does first strip leading zeros off my date string with the sed yet
second does not ?

obebim1:/root # print $(date "+%Y %m %d") |sed 's/ 0/ /g'
2005 8 3

obebim1:/root # print $(date "+%H") |sed 's/ 0/ /g'

09  < - i just want 9

I just want to get the single digit numerical hour from date rather
than 01 02 03 etc... when in early hous



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