Summary 2: top utility(binary) download; finding top cpu consuming process without top

From: Gold Sun <>
Date: Mon Aug 01 2005 - 22:54:56 EDT
Thanks to Rickard Hansson & Joe Fletcher who correct me :
the top package downloaded from sunfreeware are actually
binaries which after being 'gunzip'ed, should be pkgadded :
gunzip downloaded_packagefile
pkgadd -d ./gunziped_packagefile
I heard that in E10000/E15000 running Solaris 9 & above,
we can do something like AIX 5.3's micro-partitioning (ie
allocate a certain percentage of CPU/memory/disk to a
particular process) & I guess Nathan, Barry & Peter's
responses probably are close to what AIX micro-
partitioning is about :
"If you are running Solaris 9, then look into the solaris resource
manager. Even with mesource manager, it will only restrict a
process if there is contention.
100% utilisation is a good thing. If you put your script within a
project, then put a restriction on that project, then you will be able
to ensure that there is always capacity available for your other 
"Nicing an application will control its competition with other TS (Time 
Share) applications.  If you're running Solaris 9, you might want to 
look into FSS (Fair Share Scheduling).  I really can't imagine that
you  want to cap a program at 90%, even if there is nothing else
competing  for time."


Gold Sun <> wrote:

Thanks for the many replies. In summary :

Solaris 8 and above provides prstat as standard.

Otherwise download top from
(but it appears that the top that's downloaded can't
be run directly - may need to be compiled/linked)

prstat -s cpu -n 5
means sort the processes by CPU utlization
for the top 5 CPU consuming processes.


Gold Sun wrote:

If anyone can point me to a website that has a binary form of
"top", will appreciate it. Otherwise if you can download it from
your Solaris 8 server & email it to me, will appreciate it as I
need this quickly to troubleshoot our SunFire V120 which has
been hogged for the last 1-2 days.

BTW, is there any command that we can use to find out
which daemon/process is chewing the CPU without the use
of top utility

Thanks in advance

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