SUMMARY: E450 errors out when upgrading firmware

From: Bob Barkhymer <>
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 09:44:20 EDT
Thanks to Mike Lehmann who got it right.
"the flash rom is usually a SMD chip soldered to the system board. The
NVRAM/Timekeeper is socketed".
Replacing the system board was the only fix.

Good Morning SunManagers,

I have an E450 Server with Solaris 8 installed and I tried to update the OBP
which errors out with the message " A Vpp Error was reported by the flash
device". I did some research on SunSolve and found that there were some
chips back in 1999 that gave this error. It recommended replacing the mother
board. I have decided to order another EPROM chip and just pop out the bad
one and replace this instead. Has anyone tried this? What needs to be done
to the system after swapping the chip? Setting time, etc...

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