SUMMARY:Allow sendmail server to accept a specified domain name

From: Warren Liang <>
Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 16:20:31 EDT

Thanks for all the help. I like to post Rich Kulawiec response:

You don't want to do it: authorizing relaying based on domain names is
EXTREMELY insecure and WILL be used to relay spam through the
system shortly after it's placed in production.

Beyond that, though, you have another problem: the "does not exist"
diagnostic indicates that the system you're running sendmail on
can't resolve the domain -- probable cause is a mistake in DNS.

My original post:
I masquerade sendmail domain name on a Solaris 9 host, myhost. The domain 
name I defined is A.B. As you can see, when an email send to the relay mail 
server, it is rejected because:
Reject:533 Domain of sender address myaccount@A.B does not exist.
Is there anything can be done on the relay server that would make server to 
accept this special domain A.B ?
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