SUMMARY: Unix System monitoring tool

From: Sabrina Lautier <>
Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 10:11:07 EDT
Hi all,

Firstly Sorry for a late Summary, I have been very busy for the last few
weeks ...

I received lots of replies from all of you !

Most of them suggested to use NAGIOS which is available under, is really very scalable and is being used widely
across the globe.
This tool seems to be the good one for us.
Note: in my first mail I forgot to mention that I'm interested in both
performance or availability monitoring, as well as reporting.

You also seemed to be pleased with the following ones: BigBrother, uptime
and zabbix.

Thx a lot all for your help.

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Dear Admins,

We use BMC patrol to monitor our "big" machines but as it is very expensive
we cannot afford it on the other ones.
So I'm looking for a good freeware which could be installed on Solaris,
Linux and HP-UX.
Also, we don't want to connect to a particular machine to know more about
its state: we would like the tool to centralize all servers information
into a single console.
I heard about Big Brother but what would you recommend ?

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