SUMMARY: Replacing NIS slave server and automount problem

From: Debbie Tropiano <>
Date: Mon Jul 25 2005 - 14:10:53 EDT
Folks -

I finally found the solution.  

Apparently an old map file that contained the old server name was
still in the /var/yp/<NISDOMAIN> directory on the master server.
There were quite a few map files with similar names, so I'd missed
it previously and I hadn't been the one who made the earlier change
so didn't realize that the map hadn't been deleted.  Plus the raw text
file for it was gone, so I assumed there weren't any additional
references.  Removing that map file fixed the problem.

Thanks anyway to Mike Salehi, Tom Crummey, Siva Santhakumar, James Scott
and Richard (only two Out of Office replies that time!  Amazing!!).


Original message:
> Our old NIS slave server died, so I setup a new one with a different
> hostname and IP address.  Of course I changed the ypservers NIS map
> as well as the /var/yp/binding/<NISDOMAIN>/ypservers file, but the
> automounter still wants to use the old NIS slave server whenever the
> master is unavailable.  What's even stranger is that ypwhich reports
> that it's bound to the new NIS slave server.
> The messages from the automounter are:
>     automountd[244]: [ID 190415 daemon.error] servers server2 not responding: RPC: Timed out
>     automountd[20285]: [ID 801593 daemon.error] auto_data: internal yp server or client error
> where server2 is the hostname of the old NIS slave server.
> Is there something else that I need to change?  I've even re-run "ypinit -c"
> on the system, but that didn't do anything to fix the behavior.  The systems
> in question are running Solaris 9, in case that matters.  All of my other
> (non-Solaris) systems have handled the change properly.
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