SUMMARY:Disaster Recovery with CA Brightstor

From: Warren Liang <>
Date: Thu Jul 21 2005 - 14:42:28 EDT

I have received many valuable recommendations. I like to post a great note from Mark Carroll:

Use the flash archive functionality of jumpstart.
Install a base system(jumpstart, cd, your preference)
Patch with desired patch cluster.
Install your backup software and configure to use.
Run the flarcreate command to create a flash archive image on the newly installed server.
Copy this image from the new server to your jumpstart server.
Configure your jumpstart server to use this image.

Now when a new system is built it will install the flash archive image that is patched and has backup/resoter software installed.
This should cut down your recovery time by hours.

 This saves time of having to install a new O/S then patch it with recommended cluster and install backup software.

NOTE: You may want to configure your backup software after the jumpstart as this will allow you to use the flash archive image to jump other servers.  It may be possible to do this anyway by simply "re-configuring" backup/restore software after jump to another server.

Plan B:
Create a "bootable" CD from the server once it is built.  I have seen instructions on how to do this on sunsolve.

Can't give exact instructions but they are out there if you search sunsolve, Google, etc.
My original post:
I am planning a disaster recovery task for a Solaris host. It is a CA Brightstor Agent, all backups are done by CA Brightstor.
While doing the recovery, since we are using the 3rd party backup/restore software, I need to build an intermediate OS, install Brightstor agent, and then start restoring. Is it correct? Building the OS takes long time. We have jumpstart server ready on the network, is there anything I can do to
reduce the recovery time?
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