SUMMARY: Open source HA for Solaris

From: Salvador Ramirez <>
Date: Wed Jul 20 2005 - 09:49:33 EDT

My question:
     I have two sun fire v240 with solaris 9, connected to a common 
storage, with an oracle installation wich is not so much important as to 
spend money on a commercial High Availavility (HA) solution as Veritas. 
Even that I would like to set these two servers on a HA mode, such that 
when one is down the other start to serve the oracle service. I wonder 
if someone have done this with open source software? I know that I could 
use heartbeat to "see" if the other server is down but I am not sure if 
I can just mount the oracle filesystems where reside the dbf files on 
the storage and start oracle as if the original server were.

The answer:
     The consensus was to check out HA/FST at
     However one person recommend me to download Sun Cluster for free 
from a web page from Sun. I don't know if it is actually free and under 
what conditions. It would be nice if someone could clarify me this. I 
will try ha/fst.

Thanks to:

    Martin Baldenegro <>
    Lance Tost <>
    Ramesh Edupalli <>
    Ajit Datey <>
    Reggie Beavers <>
    Alex Stade <>
    Sisir K <>

Best regards,
Salvador Ramirez Flandes
Universidad de Concepcion
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