SUMMARY: IP Multipathing - NIC fails as soon as test address added

From: Kevin Davidson <>
Date: Wed Jul 20 2005 - 05:41:35 EDT
I didn't actually get any answers to this but I have managed to
resolve the problem. Turns out that my firewall was dropping the ICMP
echo packets used for testing. Adding a couple of static host routes
for testing fixed this, ie 

# route add -host <host-ip> <host-ip>


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Subject: IP Multipathing - NIC fails as soon as test address added


I am having problems setting up IP Multipathing on a Solaris 8 server
following the guidelines given in the Blueprints document.

I have configured my two primary addresses and added them to the same
group. The problem occurs when I create a 'test' address with the

ifconfig hme0 addif gnasher-hme0 netmask + broadcast + \
-failover deprecated up

As soon as I add this, I see two lines in /var/adm/messages

Jul 19 17:06:54 gnasher in.mpathd[339]: [ID 490503 daemon.error]
Failure detection restored on hme0 as an IFF_NOFAILOVER address is
Jul 19 17:07:03 gnasher in.mpathd[339]: [ID 594170 daemon.error] NIC
failure detected on hme0 of group production

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, will summarize any replies I

Thanks in advance,
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