SUMMARY: rsync and excludes

From: Bernd Schemmer <>
Date: Mon Jul 18 2005 - 18:20:55 EDT
Summry: rsync and excludes

Thanks for all that respond. Here's the summary of answers I received:

Mostly all  told me that it's not possible to do what we want with plain 
rsync configuration .

David Foster suggested to use --exclude parameters on the clients where 
the exclude files are on NFS mounted directories. This way we could use 
the same rsync command on all clients if we use different NFS mounts. 
This is not an option for us because the user can still call rsync with 
other parameters to get non-authorized packages from the server.

Jamie Walker and Brandon Haberfeld suggested to use different rsync 
"modules" or shares on the server  with approbiate hosts allow entries 
in the rsyncd.conf file. That maybe a solution for us: I'm thinking of 
having one directory tree for common packages that could be accessed by 
all rsync clients and one additional directory tree for every rsync 
client which could only be accessed by this rsync client.
Jamie Walker also suggested to use symbolic links and the rsync options 
to "ignore" sym links in this scenario to save space. That's not an 
option for us because we use a lot of symbolic links in our package tree 
and without the symlinks our package structure will not work anymore.

Hutin Bertrand suggests to use rdist instead of rsync. That maybe an 
option for us in the future if we do not get rsync running the way we 
need it.

Rickard Hansson suggests using  setfacl and getfacl. Our master rsync 
server will very likely run on AIX and I don't know if there's something 
like setfacl and getfacl on AIX

Again, thanks for all that respond. Hopefully I did not forget anybody 
in the summary.

My original questions is at the end of this message



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Subject: 	rsync and excludes
Date: 	Thu, 14 Jul 2005 22:57:41 +0000
From: 	Bernd Schemmer <>


We're using rsync to  synchronize our Solaris Installation server.

One server, the master server, holds all packages in 
The other server get the packages from the master server via rsync

The other servers should get all or only some of the packages from the 
master server using rsync.

We want to hold the configuration (which server can access which 
packages) completely on the master server running the rsync daemon.

Is it possible to configure the rsync daemon on the master server so 
that for example can rsync all packages

and can only rsync some of the packages  (e.g. 
common.pkg, test1.pkg and test2/test2.pkg)

and can only rsync  some other packages (e.g. 
common.pkg,  test3.pkg, test4/test4.pkg )

without changing something  on the rsync client. The clients should only 
do a rsync -avz /usr/sys/inst.images/SunOS
They shouldn't care about the packages they can access or not.

And they should NOT be able to copy a package via rsync if it is not  
allowed on the server - even if they try.

Can this be done with rsync?



Bernd Schemmer, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Mas temprano que tarde el mundio cambiara
                       Fidel Castro

Bernd Schemmer, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Mas temprano que tarde el mundio cambiara
                        Fidel Castro
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